1. An Adapter object acts as a bridge between an AdapterView and the underlying data for that view. The Adapter provides access to the data items. The Adapter is also responsible for making a View for each item in the data set.
  2. A Fragment is a piece of an application's user interface or behavior that can be placed in an Activity. Interaction with fragments is done through FragmentManager, which can be obtained via Activity.getFragmentManager() and Fragment.getFragmentManager(). Why do you check for savedInstanceState == null when adding fragment?
  3. RecyclerView
    • Add RecyclerView dependency into gradle file (how?)
    • Replace the ListView in .xml with RecyclerView
    • Create view holder class 可以理解为坑,即初始化(某个功能)用到的各种View(将layout文件中的View赋值,用ButterKnife)
    • Create adapter class
    • Choose layout manager and use RecyclerView in MainActivity 组合
  4. CardView, Navigation Drawer & Toolbar, Toolbar
  5.             android:fitsSystemWindows="true" //自动调整Toolbar和StatusBar位置关系
  6. What is callback in Android?
  7. ViewHolder类将xml每个控件的id绑定到Java对象
  8. https://developer.android.com/topic/libraries/support-library/features.html#v7
  9. Butter Knife
  10. xmlns: http://blog.qiji.tech/archives/3744
  11. 静态图片,矢量图 (res/drawable/) 布局文件 (res/layout/) 菜单 (res/menu/) 程序图标 (res/mipmap/) 静态字符串 (res/values/strings.xml)
  12. Supporting Multiple Screens(支持Android各种屏幕尺寸)
  13. android:background="?attr/selectableItemBackground" 指定有界的波纹
  14. .view.MainActivity 是MainActivity类所在位置
  15. ADB: Android Debug Bridge
  16. 在ShotListAdapter的onBindViewHolder中添加点击事件,以实现Activity切换

    This is how the shot data flows between activities and fragments
    ShotListFragment (generates fake data)
    → ShotListAdapter (displays fake data)
    → ShotActivity (gets data from ShotListAdapter)
    → ShotFragment (gets data from ShotActivity and displays it)

  17. Intent中的数据是Bundle
  18. Picasso,Glide,Fresco对比分析
  19. https://www.tutorialspoint.com/design_pattern/index.htm

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